Hello and thank you for visiting my small corner of the internet that I have rather pretentiously, and unoriginally, titled ‘my photography page’. Originally from Birmingham UK, I’m now living in Zürich Switzerland; a mind bogglingly beautiful country where glorious scenes are pretty much around every corner.

Such is the natural splendour, I quite recently decided to give this photography malarkey a go. I am finding it a lot of fun and under no circumstances should anything on this site be taken as a serious piece of work. Or at least, not yet. If I do take this up properly I will probably have to write a proper bio and use words like ‘creative’ and ‘inspired’.

When not engaging in the excruciating activity of trying to describe myself in a [hopefully] light hearted manner, I can be found hiking in the Summer, skiing rather badly in Winter, and generally indulging in my love of Weissbier all year round.